Drinking Glasses

For the most part, P drinks out of real glasses.  I am very cautious about the safety of plastic so everything P puts into her mouth I make sure is BPA, phylate, etc. free.  I’m not really sure why I ended up going straight to glass with drinks.  I remember 6 months ago going through … Continue reading Drinking Glasses


Discipline seems to be a four letter word to people of our generation. I think it conjours up memories of how our parents disciplined us; spanking, yelling and making us feel lousy all around. There is a backlash happening where no discipline seems to be the alternative choice. Parents are afraid of making their child … Continue reading Discipline

Mother’s Day

This is my second year celebrating Mother’s Day.  I still can’t get use to it.  I feel like I’m playing dress up or playing a role in a play.   Last year we went out for breakfast and I got free champagne and a flower.  It felt like I had gone to a restaurant and … Continue reading Mother’s Day

Pool Safe

We started our second session of ISR swim safety class.  I say “we” because it may be P in the water but there’s alot of work in it for me.  It’s a fantastic class.  Last year we did it when P was 8 months.  Since then, I’ve never been worried about her being near a … Continue reading Pool Safe

Candy Land

We went to a 5 year old birthday party today.  It was a lot of fun. P is much younger than most who went but she kept up just fine.   I however, am over people trying to stuff candy down my kids mouth!  Why?  Anyone who knows me knows that I am trying to … Continue reading Candy Land