Spinach and Cucumber

P ate one spinach leaf and a slice of cucumber for the first time ever today!  I’m thrilled!  She did spit out the cauliflower.  That’s ok….a friend reminded me that it takes about 15 tries for a child to start liking a new food.The start of the day was awful.  Topic for another post.  Just … Continue reading Spinach and Cucumber

Candy Land

I continue to really dislike the amount of sugar kids eat in this country.  Because P is the youngest in a neighborhood full of kids I’ve found it hard to abstaine from sugar all together.  It was also tough not have cookies during the holidays because I feel baking is part of the season’s traditions. … Continue reading Candy Land


There are four coming in all at once.  P is beyond acting crazed. She is miserable and tired.  I really feel for her.  Frozen fruit and teething tablets are working.  I wish I could do something more.  I know she’s in really awful pain when I’m sitting next to her and she says ” I … Continue reading Molars!

Chef Mamma

I’m on a cooking journey again.  Since my father’s passing I’ve been thinking a lot about diet and quality of life.  I’m trying to find a balance of eating well and enjoying what we eat.  A good friend lent me the book “Food Rules”.  It was a good read. It made sense and much of … Continue reading Chef Mamma


As I mentioned, I’ve had a few rough days with P.  A couple days ago she didn’t want to pick up her toys. After asking several times and in many different ways I finally said “ok, no more toys”.  I picked up everything from her play table and put it away in boxes and bags. … Continue reading Consequences