This is Pablem…kind of sounds like problem….at least that’s how P calls him.  His name is really Pablo.  He’s a Backyardagain.  It’s one of P’s favorite shows and her favorite character.  She use to call him Pablo but all of a sudden she started calling him Pablem.  No matter how much I try to get … Continue reading Pablem


We’ve entered the “Why Phase”!  P is asking why to many things I say.  She genuinely seems to want to know.  The questions stop when I give her an answer that makes sense to her.  So, the more detailed the answer the sooner the questioning stops.  For example:Me: You need to eat your chickenP: Why?Me: … Continue reading Why?

This and That

This post is for my amazing friend, T, who says she’s lonely at night with nothing to read.  Doubtful  though. She’s one of the most well-read individuals I know.  She inspires me to watch less TV and read more.  P continues to grow and develop.  Her favorite phrases these days are:“I’m a chipmunk, I like … Continue reading This and That

Chatty Cathy

Another new development of P’s, since the Florida trip, is that she’s become much more extroverted.  During the trip P met many new people.  I had a few lunch and dinners with my friends and friends of my father’s.  I always brought P along.  Many of our family friends had children so P met them … Continue reading Chatty Cathy


P has spoken complete, eloquent sentences.  It happens sporadically and it’s only happened a few times.  The other day we went to REI and when we parked she said “Pappa you parked too far away from the store. I don’t like it”. Just like that!  Eloquent, with feelings and complete.  Hubby and I looked at … Continue reading Sentences

Ni Hao!

I have mixed feelings about TV right now. For the most part I don’t like it. However, I see P learning a lot from the shows she is watching.  Up until recently I’ve only put on videos…very select ones.  After reading an Oliva book I got on the slippery slope of watching Nick Jr., or … Continue reading Ni Hao!