I don’t know why my life feels so busy lately. At night, when I usually write I’m exhausted. I’ve been sleeping more…. like 10-12 hrs a night. One reason could be because P has been a handful.  Terrible twos are nothing compared to the attitude 3 brings.  Her defiance is shocking.  I know she’s teething … Continue reading Defiance

Monkey Juice

I’ve found a great solution to P’s teething.  P calls it Monkey Juice!…because I put it in her monkey cup.It’s a smoothie with frozen strawberries, mango, pineapple, peaches, a banana, juice, yogurt and protein powder.  The cold calms the ache in her mouth.  After serving her a cup of the smoothie, I make popsicles out … Continue reading Monkey Juice


There are four coming in all at once.  P is beyond acting crazed. She is miserable and tired.  I really feel for her.  Frozen fruit and teething tablets are working.  I wish I could do something more.  I know she’s in really awful pain when I’m sitting next to her and she says ” I … Continue reading Molars!