P has officially passed onto to Dave.  Children follow a natural process of detachment/attachment.  First they are attached to mom, or the primary care giver, then move onto dad and then finally they move onto an outside family member or friend.  The last transition doesn’t happen until the teen years and I expected to have … Continue reading Dumped

Lessons in Parenthood

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had some of the roughest weeks with P lately.  Everything is a power struggle.  Dinner time in particular has been horrific.  She doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t want to use utensils.  But, put a piece of cake in front of her and she can eat like an aristocrat with … Continue reading Lessons in Parenthood

Little Sayings

The fears continue. It’s back to the drawing board. In the past every sleeping success I’ve had with P has been through transitions. I baby step to get to the desired behavior and I feel I’m starting from scratch again.  I’m frustrated. We went from falling asleep in 10 minutes, without my presence to needing me … Continue reading Little Sayings

It Worked!

I got my lesson planned. I had all the websites ready to explain to P why the sun went to bed so late in the summer. As I tried to breakdown how to explain all this science to a 2.5 year old I realized that I needed to start with the basic concept like day … Continue reading It Worked!


We’ve entered the “Why Phase”!  P is asking why to many things I say.  She genuinely seems to want to know.  The questions stop when I give her an answer that makes sense to her.  So, the more detailed the answer the sooner the questioning stops.  For example:Me: You need to eat your chickenP: Why?Me: … Continue reading Why?

Our Farm

It’s been months since we went to Pierce to hike or visit the farm animals. The look on Clooney’s face was so sad when we left him behind but took the jogger.  He got a great run and walk the day before so he’s ok.  We spent almost three hours walking to the barn and … Continue reading Our Farm