Soccer n Sprinklers

P wanted to play soccer. She’s been watching her friend K play on a team. I know she’s inspired and well-influenced. We went over to our local college fields one late afternoon. We kicked the ball back and forth and kept it away from one another….. Then she played with the nets, which is really … Continue reading Soccer n Sprinklers

Balance Bikes

I’m not exactly sure what route is the best way to go for teaching kids how to ride a bike.  P is on a trike right now. She likes it but the pedaling is a little frustrating for her.  Then one day we’re in a store and P gets on a balance bike.  She started … Continue reading Balance Bikes

Tennis Continues

Look whose on the court and happy!  We’ve continued playing weekly.  If P would have given me a different reason for why she didn’t want to play I would have respected it. However, “it’s too hard” is not  a good reason in my book.  Once upon a time I felt P had strong perseverance. She … Continue reading Tennis Continues

This and That

This post is for my amazing friend, T, who says she’s lonely at night with nothing to read.  Doubtful  though. She’s one of the most well-read individuals I know.  She inspires me to watch less TV and read more.  P continues to grow and develop.  Her favorite phrases these days are:“I’m a chipmunk, I like … Continue reading This and That