Today was one of those rare days when it’s just P and me and we have no plans. The day evolved but we had a couple of breakthroughs.  First, P is the one who directed what we did and second, we actually cleaned up as we went along!  It usually takes a lot for her … Continue reading Sunday

When all else fails…

We’ve been having some pretty rough weeks with P lately.  I’ve become aware of these changes that she gets when I believe her brain is going through major development.  A mental growth spurt really.  She gets very antsy, unfocused, doesn’t listen (dramatically more so than usual), defiant and cranky.  She also becomes more interested than … Continue reading When all else fails…

It’s a Dino-world!

This weekend we went to our friend E’s 3rd birthday party.  It seems like yesterday that he turned one.  I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when we celebrate his 18th!The party theme was dinosaurs. E loves them.  I always run into a problem when buying kid birthday presents…or any presents for that matter.  I … Continue reading It’s a Dino-world!


We’ve done some fun things in the weeks since I’ve last blogged. Best adventure was going to the Getty. I’ve taken P to the Getty Villa several times but this was her first time to the Getty off the 405. Their kid’s section is amazing. Absolutely amazing!  It’s divided into five separate rooms or cubicles, … Continue reading Getty

The world outdoors

It’s summer. It’s brutally hot but I don’t want to spend July thru October indoors. With the barn purchase came the idea of having an outdoor play space we can use in the cooler mornings and evenings. This is what came about. Water sink by Step 2 Ikea’s Mammut table and chairs Hanging laterns It’s … Continue reading The world outdoors

Change of Play

Two days ago I noticed P playing with her animal figures in a different way…it looked more “real”. The cows were on the grass going “moo” and she moved the animals so they would jump and gallop in a more realistic way. I bought her a Melissa & Doug castle about 4-5 months ago. I … Continue reading Change of Play