Trampoline Dream

“Papa this is my dream come true”- is what she said to Dave when she got to bounce on it for the first time last weekend.   The Olympics weren’t that exciting to P. The one event to capture her attention was the trampoline. After watching the women’s event she said “I’d like to have … Continue reading Trampoline Dream


Today was one of those rare days when it’s just P and me and we have no plans. The day evolved but we had a couple of breakthroughs.  First, P is the one who directed what we did and second, we actually cleaned up as we went along!  It usually takes a lot for her … Continue reading Sunday

October Days

The days and weeks are filling up fast.  I started working on our Halloween costumes over the weekend.  I’m worried I won’t have time over the next two weeks.    I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Our new mattress will be delivered on Wednesday. I need to shuffle furniture around before it arrives. P’s Godfather … Continue reading October Days

Dough Fun

I got a recipe from Jemma of Create Studio.2 cups of water1 cup of salt1 cup of waterP was in heaven with this mixture. She poured and stirred the dough herself. I gave her my bowls, spoons, cookie cutters and rolling pin to use. I think that might have been the best part.  Getting to … Continue reading Dough Fun

Pool Time Pappa

There are times in the day that bring me great joy.   The simultaneous hum of the washer and dryer as I make dinner, while P is entertained by something non-electronic makes me very happy. Catching P fully engrossed in a book makes me very happy. Often I “spy” on her because I just love seeing … Continue reading Pool Time Pappa

A New Trick

P goes down for a nap at about 2pm everyday.  She of course, isn’t too keen on the idea.  Like clockwork everyday, at about this same time, she’s very focused on a game with her toys.  It’s the kind of playing I wish she did more of when I need to get something done. She’s … Continue reading A New Trick

At play

P is much more independent when playing now.  A neighbor came by last week and gave us a ton of toys his boys had out grown.  I love getting hand-me-downs from friends.  I especially love it when they come from a home with boys because P gets toys I’d never think of getting her.  I’m … Continue reading At play

You’ve Got Mail

Air quality has been terrible since Thursday. California is on fire. Wildfires have exploded in the last 24hrs and we’re smelling and seeing it in our part of the valley. Staying inside is a bit hard for us because we spend so much of our day swimming, hiking, or just plain running outside. I’m improvising … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail