Trampoline Dream

“Papa this is my dream come true”- is what she said to Dave when she got to bounce on it for the first time last weekend.   The Olympics weren’t that exciting to P. The one event to capture her attention was the trampoline. After watching the women’s event she said “I’d like to have … Continue reading Trampoline Dream

It’s a Dino-world!

This weekend we went to our friend E’s 3rd birthday party.  It seems like yesterday that he turned one.  I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when we celebrate his 18th!The party theme was dinosaurs. E loves them.  I always run into a problem when buying kid birthday presents…or any presents for that matter.  I … Continue reading It’s a Dino-world!

At play

P is much more independent when playing now.  A neighbor came by last week and gave us a ton of toys his boys had out grown.  I love getting hand-me-downs from friends.  I especially love it when they come from a home with boys because P gets toys I’d never think of getting her.  I’m … Continue reading At play

The world outdoors

It’s summer. It’s brutally hot but I don’t want to spend July thru October indoors. With the barn purchase came the idea of having an outdoor play space we can use in the cooler mornings and evenings. This is what came about. Water sink by Step 2 Ikea’s Mammut table and chairs Hanging laterns It’s … Continue reading The world outdoors