Getty: same spot at a different time

Every time we’re at the Getty I take the same picture in the same spot.  It’s a great marker of time passing. It’s always been just P, until today. It was G’s first time.  I’m feeling very blessed…very lucky. Continue reading Getty: same spot at a different time

Strike a Pose

So, I obviously take a lot of pictures of P.  She is no stranger to being in front of the camera or to the concept of seeing “play  back”.  However, it still caught me off guard when she began telling us to take her picture….AND striking a pose AND directing the desired camera angle. Case … Continue reading Strike a Pose


I love taking pictures of P. I especially love capturing little, “boring” things from our everyday routine. Those are the shots I think I’ll treasure most when she’s older. Part of my obsession comes from not having many pictures of myself as a child. Up until I was 16 I only saw one baby picture … Continue reading Pictures