Jubees Birthday

Yesterday was Jubees 36th birthday.  I’m horrible with sending cards out on time. Peanut and I decided to take pictures and send him a note via email.  I love this one of her.  Her spark and funny bone have not gone away.  That I am grateful for.  Continue reading Jubees Birthday

Notes to G

My Dear G,  I chronicled every month of your sister’s first year. Since then I have launched this blog and decided I want to chronicle little things of your life on here.  For example, in the last two weeks you’ve started to smile and to “speak”. You make these little gurgling, grunting noises that are … Continue reading Notes to G

Santa Monica

Yesterday… in the car… on the way home…sitting stopped in traffic on the ramp headed down to PCH from Ocean Avenue…I turned to talk to P and saw the “Santa Monica” sign lit up and perfectly framing P’s head in the window!  I quickly grabbed the camera and then tried to get into position fast … Continue reading Santa Monica