Gett’n Dooown!

A little someone has found her independence! Today Gemma started getting down off our bed very confidently.  I love it!  I taught her how and helped her out for about two weeks maybe, and today she finally went for it without me being around..or so she thought. It was pretty wild to see and fortunately I … Continue reading Gett’n Dooown!

Notes to G

Dear Gems, Today you fed me for the first time. I gave you a piece of banana and after taking a few bites you took it and fed it to me. I think this is so exciting.  I don’t know why but I do. Well… actually I think it’s exciting because I feel it shows you have … Continue reading Notes to G

Notes to G

Dear Gemma, This is the face you make when you are beyond excited.  When I pull out a food you like you make this face and your feet start moving a mile a minute!  It’s the most amazing thing to watch.  But then you want what you want right away and if I haven’t peeled that … Continue reading Notes to G

Gemma Stands!

Im so far behind in posting so many events. They’re happening very fast and I’m also very sleep deprived.  I’m going to back post starting with this major event!  Gemma stood on her own for the first time! I was putting laundry away. I usually leave Gemma on her playmat and check in on her … Continue reading Gemma Stands!

Notes to G: mango

Dearest Gemma,You ate mango for the first time on Sunday. Actually, this is officially the first thing you ate! The water mellon you had before you just licked but the mango you ate. You had a little piece that I had you gum into a mush before you swallowed it.  It was amazing to watch … Continue reading Notes to G: mango

Notes to G

Two days ago, I had you propped on pillows in bed. You were laying back a little and all of a sudden you sat up. Then I could read the expression on your face ” I did it! Now what?” and then you flopped forward!  It cracked me up but I am so impressed with … Continue reading Notes to G

Notes to G

My Dear G,  I chronicled every month of your sister’s first year. Since then I have launched this blog and decided I want to chronicle little things of your life on here.  For example, in the last two weeks you’ve started to smile and to “speak”. You make these little gurgling, grunting noises that are … Continue reading Notes to G