Tick bites

On Wednesday we joined our neighborhood gang at Sycamore Canyon for dinner.  We were suppose to camp out with them but I’ve been exhausted lately.  D was on a three day shoot, I dealt with the cable guy all morning and I just didn’t have it in me to rent a tent, etc.  We….I haven’t … Continue reading Tick bites

This and That

This post is for my amazing friend, T, who says she’s lonely at night with nothing to read.  Doubtful  though. She’s one of the most well-read individuals I know.  She inspires me to watch less TV and read more.  P continues to grow and develop.  Her favorite phrases these days are:“I’m a chipmunk, I like … Continue reading This and That

Beach Buddies

It’s Spring Break.  That doesn’t mean much for our schedule, since P is not in school yet, but it does mean we get to hang with the neighborhood gang more. Today four families went to the beach.  P can keep up with the other kids now.  I like to watch her navigate her way through … Continue reading Beach Buddies


We met a couple, who are super cool, live a block away, with a little girl the same age as P, and are from Italy! It doesn’t get any better than this for me! Watching the girls play is just amazing. They dialogue in their own “tongue”. As we walk away from every play date … Continue reading Friends

It takes a village

By the grace of God we ended up in an incredible neighborhood, complete with a neighbor who teaches at the school next door. Yes, very Mayberry which is soooo NOT Los Angeles. I feel incredibly blessed. It is all these people who contribute to P’s life in ways I can not. Each and every neighbor … Continue reading It takes a village