Baby G

I suspect hese are the pictures that’ll melt my heart the most as the girls get older. That belly! That bare belly in diapers with those cute toes and hands! The simplicity of a warm morning in the fall.  How easy and calm life is now before pre-school and kindergarten and homework and a million … Continue reading Baby G

Tick bites

On Wednesday we joined our neighborhood gang at Sycamore Canyon for dinner.  We were suppose to camp out with them but I’ve been exhausted lately.  D was on a three day shoot, I dealt with the cable guy all morning and I just didn’t have it in me to rent a tent, etc.  We….I haven’t … Continue reading Tick bites

Back to Basics

I’m trying to get back to doing some of the things I use to do with P.  One of them is visiting the turtle pond and botanical garden at our neighborhood college.  P loves them both.  How we spend our time there has changed greatly.  She use to spend hours there just playing with rocks … Continue reading Back to Basics