Annika has been playing the violin for one year.  She started in October 2012.  She has had one recital and one event where she has had to play in front of people.  It’s been good and with each performance she gets more comfortable in the public eye. She loves it. She hates it. I see too … Continue reading Violin

It’s NOT about the violin.

// What a breakthrough!  Annika has been taking violin since October.  Until yesterday she had only done  many different finger and muscle strengthening exercises. To be honest it’s been a struggle.  I got mad at her after last week’s class and came close to quitting classes all together.  I know I sound like a tiger … Continue reading It’s NOT about the violin.


We took P to see Rio a few weeks ago.  She loved it and was dancing in the theater.  A few days ago we had a conversation: P:  I like Rio music! Me: It’s called Samba. It’s what they play in Brazil. P: I like Samba! It’s in my blood! I want to get some … Continue reading Rio

She’s Singing!

P started singing this week.  I found it curious that she known words to songs but wouldn’t sing.  She would only talk the words.  Well, this week she’s singing.  She started imitating me singing “la la la la la” and then started singing the “1,2,3,4” song by Feist on Sesame Street.  “One, two, three, four, … Continue reading She’s Singing!

Stroll the Bowl

I’ve been on a mission lately. I’m trying to expose P to music. Listening and playing music has shown to develop the brain in ways like nothing else. I do not come from a musical background. I don’t know how to play any instruments, not even a recorder. I love music but have no understanding … Continue reading Stroll the Bowl