Every time we’re downtown I’m grateful for the experience of being there.  LA has so much to offer culturally.  The view from music class is of the Disney Concert Hall.  It thrills me to know that while getting exposure to one art form we also get another, just by osmosis.  The day P visits Bilbao, … Continue reading Downtown


We’ve done some fun things in the weeks since I’ve last blogged. Best adventure was going to the Getty. I’ve taken P to the Getty Villa several times but this was her first time to the Getty off the 405. Their kid’s section is amazing. Absolutely amazing!  It’s divided into five separate rooms or cubicles, … Continue reading Getty


Trecked over the hill to visit LACMA today. They have a free program called NextGen that lets a child and parent in for free until they’re 18. Today P is enjoying our visits. When she’s 18 I hope she will as well because I’ll be dragging her booty to go see all the exhibits for … Continue reading LACMA