Being Elmo

This documentary popped up on Netflix recently. I had read about it on Cup of Jo and have been wanting to see it.  We all watched it, including P. She’s rarely interested in  live action so just to get her through it was a big thing.   I really loved this story. I think what I … Continue reading Being Elmo

A Good Year

The beauty of having a second or third child is that you know EXACTLY what you’re in for.  I now know that a baby can sleep through a good portion of the night but I may be up pumping because my boobs are hurting so bad.  I now know I’ll probably be house bound for … Continue reading A Good Year


We took P to see Rio a few weeks ago.  She loved it and was dancing in the theater.  A few days ago we had a conversation: P:  I like Rio music! Me: It’s called Samba. It’s what they play in Brazil. P: I like Samba! It’s in my blood! I want to get some … Continue reading Rio