Easing My Guilt

 I’ve fallen into an after school routine with P for the last few weeks. She comes home from school, eats, naps, watches tv, eats, goes to bed.  It’s so lame I can’t stand it!  However, I’m giving myself a break because I’m at the end of my pregnancy and I’m exhausted and in pain.   Today … Continue reading Easing My Guilt

30 weeks Ultrasound

Another emotional day.  The ultrasounds with the perinatologist are incredibly stressful for me.  The last one at 18 weeks told us everything was ok.  We’ve done several different tests and each one brought us better and better news.  And yet, I’m in a panic before every appointment.   When we got our bad news 3 years … Continue reading 30 weeks Ultrasound

P was sitting next to me on the couch. She does this motion with her hands that’s like passing one hand over the other but she does it against a cushion or something. This time it was against my stomach and in that instant I recognized the feeling. It’s what I constantly felt IN my … Continue reading