Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

Do you cook much?  I cook quite a bit.  I don’t say it to sound so Martha Stewart, I say it because the more I cook the more I notice that great food is really simple. Great news for us moms! Take mac and cheese for example.  It’s pasta, cheese, butter, milk, and flour.  What’s … Continue reading Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

Dinaaah Time!

Smiling Planet  finally came out with bowls!  I’ve been waiting for this for a while.  I love this company.  All their products are BPA, phthalate, toxic ink free yet dishwasher safe.  I love their aesthetic design and their industrial design.  The plates have rims so P can catch that kernel of corn on her spoon easily. … Continue reading Dinaaah Time!

The Food Trade

So, although I’m not a fan of candy or sweets I have come to terms with using them as a bargaining tool.  I’m struggling with the introduction to salads.   I started cutting up cucumber, carrot, tomato and red pepper chunks.  I’ve placed them on her plate on a regular basis for the past three … Continue reading The Food Trade

Candy is King

Easter….another holiday that seems to revolve around candy.  Ugh! Fortunately, a friend taught me a trick.  You offer your kid to trade all but one candy of their choice for a toy of their choice.  P traded all her stuff for an India Hello Kitty, which she had been wanting for a while, and I … Continue reading Candy is King

Setting the table

P set the table today for the first time!  A couple days ago I finally sat down to eat. I’m always the last one to sit. I do so after I’ve gotten all the last minute needs of everyone else at the table.  And, as I often do I forgot something for me, a fork. … Continue reading Setting the table

Monkey Juice

I’ve found a great solution to P’s teething.  P calls it Monkey Juice!…because I put it in her monkey cup.It’s a smoothie with frozen strawberries, mango, pineapple, peaches, a banana, juice, yogurt and protein powder.  The cold calms the ache in her mouth.  After serving her a cup of the smoothie, I make popsicles out … Continue reading Monkey Juice