DIY Dollhouse

One day, not too long ago, I left P at school until 2pm.  A family donated a large doll house full of dolls and furniture to her preschool. Staying longer gave her the opportunity to play with the house.  Since that day P began building dollhouses out of books at home.  She stands her books … Continue reading DIY Dollhouse

You’ve Got Mail

Air quality has been terrible since Thursday. California is on fire. Wildfires have exploded in the last 24hrs and we’re smelling and seeing it in our part of the valley. Staying inside is a bit hard for us because we spend so much of our day swimming, hiking, or just plain running outside. I’m improvising … Continue reading You’ve Got Mail

Swifferrr Away!

Sometimes I give myself a pat on the back. I finally got a Swiffer broom to clean up the after meal messes without having to be on all fours. Didn’t realize the broom handle part is actually four sections that you can lengthen/shorten. P is at a stage right now where she likes to “help … Continue reading Swifferrr Away!