Tick bites

On Wednesday we joined our neighborhood gang at Sycamore Canyon for dinner.  We were suppose to camp out with them but I’ve been exhausted lately.  D was on a three day shoot, I dealt with the cable guy all morning and I just didn’t have it in me to rent a tent, etc.  We….I haven’t … Continue reading Tick bites


P had a fever over the weekend. It’s the first time she has had a fever of 104 and been lethargic. Usually it’s mild fever but her behavior remains the same.  It started on Saturday morning and lasted until Monday night. We kept it at bay with Tylenol, rarely used in our home. It was really … Continue reading Fever


P’s been sick since February 24. I’ve been sick since the 17th.  Both of us went to the doctor this week.  She is on antibiotics.  Dr. Shulman heard something in her lungs but he didn’t think it was bacterial.  None the less he felt its a mild case of pneumonia.  I still hear the congestion … Continue reading Sick