Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

Do you cook much?  I cook quite a bit.  I don’t say it to sound so Martha Stewart, I say it because the more I cook the more I notice that great food is really simple. Great news for us moms! Take mac and cheese for example.  It’s pasta, cheese, butter, milk, and flour.  What’s … Continue reading Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

The Food Trade

So, although I’m not a fan of candy or sweets I have come to terms with using them as a bargaining tool.  I’m struggling with the introduction to salads.   I started cutting up cucumber, carrot, tomato and red pepper chunks.  I’ve placed them on her plate on a regular basis for the past three … Continue reading The Food Trade

Candy is King

Easter….another holiday that seems to revolve around candy.  Ugh! Fortunately, a friend taught me a trick.  You offer your kid to trade all but one candy of their choice for a toy of their choice.  P traded all her stuff for an India Hello Kitty, which she had been wanting for a while, and I … Continue reading Candy is King

Chef Mamma

I’m on a cooking journey again.  Since my father’s passing I’ve been thinking a lot about diet and quality of life.  I’m trying to find a balance of eating well and enjoying what we eat.  A good friend lent me the book “Food Rules”.  It was a good read. It made sense and much of … Continue reading Chef Mamma

Week in Review

It’s been a busy week. P is evolving in so many ways and I’m struggling to keep up. Most of her changes, even the tough ones, are natural for this age. It takes a lot more patience and understanding to find the middle ground of discipline than to either yell at them all the time … Continue reading Week in Review

Candy Land

We went to a 5 year old birthday party today.  It was a lot of fun. P is much younger than most who went but she kept up just fine.   I however, am over people trying to stuff candy down my kids mouth!  Why?  Anyone who knows me knows that I am trying to … Continue reading Candy Land