Something’s fishy

We started Halloween costumes over Labor Day weekend.  We kinda dig Halloween big time around here.  As a kid I had no interest in it but I did dream that one day I’d make my children’s costumes.  Now here I am with two young girls and Halloween is a magnificent time of creating, sewing and … Continue reading Something’s fishy

Halloween 2010

Another great Halloween!  I never liked this holiday until I had a child. The theme this year: bees. P was a bee, D was a bee keeper and I was a beehive.  D’s and my costumes were from the Martha Stewart website.  P’s costume was a take on the chicken she did last year.  We … Continue reading Halloween 2010

A year ago….

This was P’s costume last year. She loved that little cat she’s holding.  It was the first toy she actually went after in a store.  She wouldn’t let it go, so I had to buy it.  I figured if I made her look like her favorite cat she would want to wear her costume and … Continue reading A year ago….