Summer of 2010

School starting is a sign of summer ending.  Even though the weather is still warm I know the holiday season and cooler fall weather are around the corner. In fact, I’m already thinking of what to make for Halloween costumes.  I wanted to pull a few images of this past summer. Right now I’m very … Continue reading Summer of 2010

Back to Basics

I’m trying to get back to doing some of the things I use to do with P.  One of them is visiting the turtle pond and botanical garden at our neighborhood college.  P loves them both.  How we spend our time there has changed greatly.  She use to spend hours there just playing with rocks … Continue reading Back to Basics


The weather is getting hotter and I’m cleaning out P’s closet.  The packing away of sizes 18-24mos makes me sad.  I love how fast she’s growing but this little P in the picture above is gone.  Her essence remains but that little hand is now bigger. The picture was taken on P’s first birthday.  It brings … Continue reading Reflecting


I was in the process of putting P to bed.  We had just finished brushing her teeth.  I told her to go ahead to her room while I finished putting things away in the bathroom.  All of a sudden I hear Clooney squeal and sort of bark followed by P crying….hysterically.When I got to them … Continue reading Conscience

Setting the table

P set the table today for the first time!  A couple days ago I finally sat down to eat. I’m always the last one to sit. I do so after I’ve gotten all the last minute needs of everyone else at the table.  And, as I often do I forgot something for me, a fork. … Continue reading Setting the table


I planted herb seeds with P not too long ago. She helped me put them in our “pot”, which is really our broken wheel barrow. Every day we water the “seeeeeds” as she calls them. I show her the tiny budding sprouts and roots. I know she’s too young to really understand the whole concept … Continue reading Seeds