Tennis Friends

I was a late comer to Facebook.  I figured I was already in contact with the people I still wanted as friends.  I didn’t want to go back to certain periods of my life.  Then one day as I was walking past the baseball field at Pierce College I yearned for my athlete friends from … Continue reading Tennis Friends


The weather is getting hotter and I’m cleaning out P’s closet.  The packing away of sizes 18-24mos makes me sad.  I love how fast she’s growing but this little P in the picture above is gone.  Her essence remains but that little hand is now bigger. The picture was taken on P’s first birthday.  It brings … Continue reading Reflecting


What a great day!  We went to the Brentwood Country Mart for a Valentine’s Day kids event.  It was so fantastic.In one courtyard, P made a heart-shaped flower arrangement out of little roses.  They put it in a beautiful box with pink tissue and a pretty ribbon. Then we went over to the Poppy Store … Continue reading XOXO

At play

P is much more independent when playing now.  A neighbor came by last week and gave us a ton of toys his boys had out grown.  I love getting hand-me-downs from friends.  I especially love it when they come from a home with boys because P gets toys I’d never think of getting her.  I’m … Continue reading At play

Week in Review

It’s been a busy week. P is evolving in so many ways and I’m struggling to keep up. Most of her changes, even the tough ones, are natural for this age. It takes a lot more patience and understanding to find the middle ground of discipline than to either yell at them all the time … Continue reading Week in Review


We met a couple, who are super cool, live a block away, with a little girl the same age as P, and are from Italy! It doesn’t get any better than this for me! Watching the girls play is just amazing. They dialogue in their own “tongue”. As we walk away from every play date … Continue reading Friends