RISE Festival

The girls and I went to the RISE Festival in the Mojave Desert this weekend.  It was a surreal, emotional and uplifting experience.  The festival’s origins are from Thailand’s Lantern Festival called Loi Krathong. The intent is to set all your problems and worries free. It’s a symbol of new beginnings.  It’s exactly what the … Continue reading RISE Festival

Her Buddy Owen

Their chemistry is unique. I can’t quite explain it. Both are super active, whitty, sassy, and smart. They met in preschool.  I’ve never heard anyone make Annika laugh as hard as Owen.  I’m not sure what the future holds but i’ve told Brigitta, I hope Annika marries someone who make her laugh and think the … Continue reading Her Buddy Owen

Tuesday Friends

On Tuesdays we get together with these two friends.  Big E is 6mos older than P.  Little E is a year and a half younger.  When the three of them are together people always ask if they’re siblings.  I like this family alot.  Dave has known their dad since they were in photojournalism school together.  … Continue reading Tuesday Friends

My Strong Princess

We were invited to a princess birthday party today.  It was soooo over the top and  I hate to say it but….. amazingly wonderful!  As much as I dislike the whole princess mentality I bought into this event.  Watching these girls in their magical world of dress up and pink with Snow White was quite … Continue reading My Strong Princess

October Days

The days and weeks are filling up fast.  I started working on our Halloween costumes over the weekend.  I’m worried I won’t have time over the next two weeks.    I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Our new mattress will be delivered on Wednesday. I need to shuffle furniture around before it arrives. P’s Godfather … Continue reading October Days

Summer of 2010

School starting is a sign of summer ending.  Even though the weather is still warm I know the holiday season and cooler fall weather are around the corner. In fact, I’m already thinking of what to make for Halloween costumes.  I wanted to pull a few images of this past summer. Right now I’m very … Continue reading Summer of 2010

It’s a Dino-world!

This weekend we went to our friend E’s 3rd birthday party.  It seems like yesterday that he turned one.  I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when we celebrate his 18th!The party theme was dinosaurs. E loves them.  I always run into a problem when buying kid birthday presents…or any presents for that matter.  I … Continue reading It’s a Dino-world!