When I was a child my mother gave me one of the few meals she knew how to cook in my lunch box: black beans and rice. The thing is, black beans look a lot like rabbit poop and apparently there were enough people in my 4th grade class with rabbits as pets who recognized … Continue reading Lunchbox

Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

Do you cook much?  I cook quite a bit.  I don’t say it to sound so Martha Stewart, I say it because the more I cook the more I notice that great food is really simple. Great news for us moms! Take mac and cheese for example.  It’s pasta, cheese, butter, milk, and flour.  What’s … Continue reading Pasta Alfredo is really Mac and Cheese Dressed up in Fancy Pants Cheese.

Notes to G: mango

Dearest Gemma,You ate mango for the first time on Sunday. Actually, this is officially the first thing you ate! The water mellon you had before you just licked but the mango you ate. You had a little piece that I had you gum into a mush before you swallowed it.  It was amazing to watch … Continue reading Notes to G: mango

Breast Feeding

Thankfully breast feeding is going much better this time around.  With Annika I had mastitis five times in the first month.  My milk dried up and it was utterly painful to nurse her directly.  For a couple weeks we had to give her formula and for several weeks I had to pump until my breast … Continue reading Breast Feeding

Smartest thing…

…I’ve done to prepare for the coming of a second child is to freeze lots and lots of food.  In January I started making meals and freezing half.  I made all the things I crave whenever I’m sick or need comfort. There’s chicken soup, Italian wedding soup, broccoli-potato soup, minestrone soup, mac and cheese, meat … Continue reading Smartest thing…