RISE Festival

The girls and I went to the RISE Festival in the Mojave Desert this weekend.  It was a surreal, emotional and uplifting experience.  The festival’s origins are from Thailand’s Lantern Festival called Loi Krathong. The intent is to set all your problems and worries free. It’s a symbol of new beginnings.  It’s exactly what the … Continue reading RISE Festival


  Anthony Bourdain’s death has me thinking a lot.  I get it. I get him. Along with Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I don’t know much about Kate Spade’s life but I’m sure I’d understand her as well.  With that said, let me be clear that I have no intentions of killing myself. I … Continue reading Sanity

My Strong Princess

We were invited to a princess birthday party today.  It was soooo over the top and  I hate to say it but….. amazingly wonderful!  As much as I dislike the whole princess mentality I bought into this event.  Watching these girls in their magical world of dress up and pink with Snow White was quite … Continue reading My Strong Princess

Road Tripping

We’ve done two road trips in the past three months.  In January we went to Crested Butte, Colorado, a 20+ hour trip.  And this past weekend we drove to Mammoth, a 6 hour trip.  I have to say I’m quite impressed at how well P did on both trips.   Dave and I were quite stressed … Continue reading Road Tripping

In Our Own Backyard

Sometime it takes an out of town guest to appreciate your own city.  I met Oscar 8 years ago on a trip to Beijing.  We’ve been in and out of touch and then thanks to Facebook got more in touch.  Last week he posted he was in San Francisco so I invited him and his … Continue reading In Our Own Backyard

Summer of 2010

School starting is a sign of summer ending.  Even though the weather is still warm I know the holiday season and cooler fall weather are around the corner. In fact, I’m already thinking of what to make for Halloween costumes.  I wanted to pull a few images of this past summer. Right now I’m very … Continue reading Summer of 2010