Beaver House

I’m so far behind in documenting the little, funny, daily occurrences with P. Trying to play catch up. A few weeks ago Dave cleaned off the back patio and P proceeded to take things and make a “beaver house”.  It was entertaining to see the two of them out there spraying  things down and moving … Continue reading Beaver House

Lessons in Parenthood

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had some of the roughest weeks with P lately.  Everything is a power struggle.  Dinner time in particular has been horrific.  She doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t want to use utensils.  But, put a piece of cake in front of her and she can eat like an aristocrat with … Continue reading Lessons in Parenthood

It Worked!

I got my lesson planned. I had all the websites ready to explain to P why the sun went to bed so late in the summer. As I tried to breakdown how to explain all this science to a 2.5 year old I realized that I needed to start with the basic concept like day … Continue reading It Worked!

Ni Hao!

I have mixed feelings about TV right now. For the most part I don’t like it. However, I see P learning a lot from the shows she is watching.  Up until recently I’ve only put on videos…very select ones.  After reading an Oliva book I got on the slippery slope of watching Nick Jr., or … Continue reading Ni Hao!


We’ve done some fun things in the weeks since I’ve last blogged. Best adventure was going to the Getty. I’ve taken P to the Getty Villa several times but this was her first time to the Getty off the 405. Their kid’s section is amazing. Absolutely amazing!  It’s divided into five separate rooms or cubicles, … Continue reading Getty

Today is the day.

Yesterday I asked: “When can I step back from my “work of art” and say “aaah, I’m on the right track?”. Well, today was the day! I was so close to happy tears because I saw P being everything I’ve been imagining and more. Today really made it clear that all the work I’ve been … Continue reading Today is the day.