Beaver House

I’m so far behind in documenting the little, funny, daily occurrences with P. Trying to play catch up. A few weeks ago Dave cleaned off the back patio and P proceeded to take things and make a “beaver house”.  It was entertaining to see the two of them out there spraying  things down and moving … Continue reading Beaver House

Lessons in Parenthood

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had some of the roughest weeks with P lately.  Everything is a power struggle.  Dinner time in particular has been horrific.  She doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t want to use utensils.  But, put a piece of cake in front of her and she can eat like an aristocrat with … Continue reading Lessons in Parenthood

It Worked!

I got my lesson planned. I had all the websites ready to explain to P why the sun went to bed so late in the summer. As I tried to breakdown how to explain all this science to a 2.5 year old I realized that I needed to start with the basic concept like day … Continue reading It Worked!

Ni Hao!

I have mixed feelings about TV right now. For the most part I don’t like it. However, I see P learning a lot from the shows she is watching.  Up until recently I’ve only put on videos…very select ones.  After reading an Oliva book I got on the slippery slope of watching Nick Jr., or … Continue reading Ni Hao!