Clooney My Buddy

Her buddy Clooney.  We got Clooney back in January but just recently she has started to really bond with him. Last week, after coming home from school she spent the afternoon playing with him.  That had never happened before.  The poor dog was pooped by the end of the day.  Her favorite thing is to … Continue reading Clooney My Buddy


I was in the process of putting P to bed.  We had just finished brushing her teeth.  I told her to go ahead to her room while I finished putting things away in the bathroom.  All of a sudden I hear Clooney squeal and sort of bark followed by P crying….hysterically.When I got to them … Continue reading Conscience


We got a dog today! His name is Clooney. He’s a 3 year old lab-shepherd mix.  We got him from Karma Rescue.  P is so excited and proud. This is HER dog. We knew he was coming to us since Christmas but because of the holidays we had to wait until now to get him. … Continue reading Clooney