Notes to G

Dear Gems, Today you fed me for the first time. I gave you a piece of banana and after taking a few bites you took it and fed it to me. I think this is so exciting.  I don’t know why but I do. Well… actually I think it’s exciting because I feel it shows you have … Continue reading Notes to G

Gemma Stands!

Im so far behind in posting so many events. They’re happening very fast and I’m also very sleep deprived.  I’m going to back post starting with this major event!  Gemma stood on her own for the first time! I was putting laundry away. I usually leave Gemma on her playmat and check in on her … Continue reading Gemma Stands!


Today was one of those rare days when it’s just P and me and we have no plans. The day evolved but we had a couple of breakthroughs.  First, P is the one who directed what we did and second, we actually cleaned up as we went along!  It usually takes a lot for her … Continue reading Sunday

Drinking Glasses

For the most part, P drinks out of real glasses.  I am very cautious about the safety of plastic so everything P puts into her mouth I make sure is BPA, phylate, etc. free.  I’m not really sure why I ended up going straight to glass with drinks.  I remember 6 months ago going through … Continue reading Drinking Glasses


I just made Octopus for P. I read that babies at this age only see in black and white and red is the next color they see. I’m trying to stimulate P’s senses so I thought if I made her a stuffed octopus that wiggled with red at the end of its tentacles she would … Continue reading Octopus