Week in Review

It’s been a busy week. P is evolving in so many ways and I’m struggling to keep up. Most of her changes, even the tough ones, are natural for this age. It takes a lot more patience and understanding to find the middle ground of discipline than to either yell at them all the time … Continue reading Week in Review

Plan Toys

My husband and I love Plan Toy. We saw them before P was born and vowed to buy them for her even though they are on the more expensive side. They are everything we could want. They are environmentally safe, use sustainable products, and are safe for the kids…and by safe I don’t mean some … Continue reading Plan Toys

Craig’s list

I NEVER thought I’d shop on Craig’slist for myself, let alone for my children. But times can get tough and at this age she may never remember these toys. Right now toys are important to me because I select things that help in development. In the future I’ll have to spit the toy budget between … Continue reading Craig’s list