Something’s fishy

We started Halloween costumes over Labor Day weekend.  We kinda dig Halloween big time around here.  As a kid I had no interest in it but I did dream that one day I’d make my children’s costumes.  Now here I am with two young girls and Halloween is a magnificent time of creating, sewing and … Continue reading Something’s fishy

Sister Drum

A semi-empty can of salt, dried lentils and decorative tape can make an excellent drum for a baby sister named Gemma.  Annika is incredibly thoughtful in the things she makes for Gemma or in always picking up two of everything: “One for me and one for Gemma. She can use it when she grows up”. Continue reading Sister Drum

Too Many Crayons

I reorganized P’s creative space.  It felt great to put things in proper places and discard the junk.  It also made me aware of what we have too much of.  Crayons for example….and there might be some childhood trauma associated to this. As a child my parents bought me very few things unless they had … Continue reading Too Many Crayons

A Day in Fall

Wednesday:Labor Day came and went and it took summer with it.  Since Tuesday the weather has cooled off significantly.  Add the overcast skies and we really know fall has arrived.  It’s quite nice.  I love fall but it also has a hint of melancholy for me.  It reminds me of two years ago when life … Continue reading A Day in Fall

Tape it!

The lovely and amazing T gave me the book First Art: Art Experiences for Toddlers and Twos.  It’s been a fantastic book.  Yesterday we did the taping session.  I took out different shaped boxes and containers from our recycling can and then I set out many, many pieces of different kinds of tape.  P was … Continue reading Tape it!


Today we made a catepillar out of toilet paper rolls, craft paper and ribbon.  P loved the process of making it and then “walking” it all around the house. I asked her if she wanted to name it and she called it “Applesauce”.  Why?  I have no idea.  I’m just proud I came up with … Continue reading Applesauce