Anthony Bourdain’s death has me thinking a lot.  I get it. I get him. Along with Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I don’t know much about Kate Spade’s life but I’m sure I’d understand her as well.  With that said, let me be clear that I have no intentions of killing myself. I … Continue reading Sanity

The Balance Bike

The pictures above are of P learning to ride her balance bike last week.  The small slopes in our front yard were perfect for her to get a feel for coasting.  But you can see she’s not comfortable.  I was so proud of her. She kept doing the slopes over and over again despite clearly … Continue reading The Balance Bike

I’m Funny

I asked P today what she thought was the best thing about herself.  Well, first I asked her what her best attribute was and she said “spending time with R”(her best friend). So, I explained “that’s your favorite thing to do but I want to know what you think is your best attribute or the … Continue reading I’m Funny

ISR Refresher

P finished her week of ISR refresher today.  It was amazing to watch her go from being petrified of the water to having her confidence back in a 5 day period.  P had two bad experiences this spring. One where she couldn’t reach the edge of the pool and the other she missed the last … Continue reading ISR Refresher


P has officially passed onto to Dave.  Children follow a natural process of detachment/attachment.  First they are attached to mom, or the primary care giver, then move onto dad and then finally they move onto an outside family member or friend.  The last transition doesn’t happen until the teen years and I expected to have … Continue reading Dumped

Too Much Praise?

Part of our pre-school transition program includes parenting discussions.  We reached a topic that I’m having a real hard time with: giving children too much praise.  We all read an article called “Five Reasons to Stop Saying”Good Job!” ” by Alfie Kohn. I understand the concept behind the theory but I’ve been having a hard … Continue reading Too Much Praise?