Get Pumped Up!

My youngest plays DJ on the morning ride to school. She’s six.  This is her playlist: Shakira: Try Everything The Greatest Showman: This is Me Pink: Just Like Fire Sing!: Johnny’s I’m Still Standing I asked her this week why she picked these songs and her response was “Because I’m going to go to school … Continue reading Get Pumped Up!

Notes to P

Dearest P, This is a chalk drawing you did of a duck.  Lately your art work is less wide brush strokes and mashing of paint colors and more of line drawings. You draw very distinct things with stories and events going on for every character you draw.  We’re getting to the point where you dont have … Continue reading Notes to P

Easing My Guilt

 I’ve fallen into an after school routine with P for the last few weeks. She comes home from school, eats, naps, watches tv, eats, goes to bed.  It’s so lame I can’t stand it!  However, I’m giving myself a break because I’m at the end of my pregnancy and I’m exhausted and in pain.   Today … Continue reading Easing My Guilt

When all else fails…

We’ve been having some pretty rough weeks with P lately.  I’ve become aware of these changes that she gets when I believe her brain is going through major development.  A mental growth spurt really.  She gets very antsy, unfocused, doesn’t listen (dramatically more so than usual), defiant and cranky.  She also becomes more interested than … Continue reading When all else fails…

Our Farm

It’s been months since we went to Pierce to hike or visit the farm animals. The look on Clooney’s face was so sad when we left him behind but took the jogger.  He got a great run and walk the day before so he’s ok.  We spent almost three hours walking to the barn and … Continue reading Our Farm

An Amazing Day

The morning started out with P, half asleep, saying “I want a cookie” over and over again.  We were all still in bed. She said she wanted a robot cookie, it was outside and she was going to get it.  I woke up fast!  What was she talking about?  When she jumped out of bed, … Continue reading An Amazing Day