Get Pumped Up!

My youngest plays DJ on the morning ride to school. She’s six.  This is her playlist: Shakira: Try Everything The Greatest Showman: This is Me Pink: Just Like Fire Sing!: Johnny’s I’m Still Standing I asked her this week why she picked these songs and her response was “Because I’m going to go to school … Continue reading Get Pumped Up!

Lessons in Parenthood

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had some of the roughest weeks with P lately.  Everything is a power struggle.  Dinner time in particular has been horrific.  She doesn’t want to eat. She doesn’t want to use utensils.  But, put a piece of cake in front of her and she can eat like an aristocrat with … Continue reading Lessons in Parenthood


I don’t know why my life feels so busy lately. At night, when I usually write I’m exhausted. I’ve been sleeping more…. like 10-12 hrs a night. One reason could be because P has been a handful.  Terrible twos are nothing compared to the attitude 3 brings.  Her defiance is shocking.  I know she’s teething … Continue reading Defiance

Little Sayings

The fears continue. It’s back to the drawing board. In the past every sleeping success I’ve had with P has been through transitions. I baby step to get to the desired behavior and I feel I’m starting from scratch again.  I’m frustrated. We went from falling asleep in 10 minutes, without my presence to needing me … Continue reading Little Sayings

When all else fails…

We’ve been having some pretty rough weeks with P lately.  I’ve become aware of these changes that she gets when I believe her brain is going through major development.  A mental growth spurt really.  She gets very antsy, unfocused, doesn’t listen (dramatically more so than usual), defiant and cranky.  She also becomes more interested than … Continue reading When all else fails…

Strike a Pose

So, I obviously take a lot of pictures of P.  She is no stranger to being in front of the camera or to the concept of seeing “play  back”.  However, it still caught me off guard when she began telling us to take her picture….AND striking a pose AND directing the desired camera angle. Case … Continue reading Strike a Pose

No Kidding.

The days with the P are enchanting and unbelievable with the things she says and does.  They can also be brutally frustrating but I’d say we’re in 70-30 brilliant to frustrating.  Her choice of clothes and accessories as you can see are hysterical. These glasses were all her.  I had nothing to do with the … Continue reading No Kidding.