Notes to G

Dear Gems, Today you fed me for the first time. I gave you a piece of banana and after taking a few bites you took it and fed it to me. I think this is so exciting.  I don’t know why but I do. Well… actually I think it’s exciting because I feel it shows you have … Continue reading Notes to G

Notes to G

Dear Gemma, This is the face you make when you are beyond excited.  When I pull out a food you like you make this face and your feet start moving a mile a minute!  It’s the most amazing thing to watch.  But then you want what you want right away and if I haven’t peeled that … Continue reading Notes to G

It’s NOT about the violin.

// What a breakthrough!  Annika has been taking violin since October.  Until yesterday she had only done  many different finger and muscle strengthening exercises. To be honest it’s been a struggle.  I got mad at her after last week’s class and came close to quitting classes all together.  I know I sound like a tiger … Continue reading It’s NOT about the violin.

Gemma’s Process

In so many little and big ways I see the difference between Annika and Gemma.  The biggest indicator that these two girls will be two very different women with different process on tackling problems and projects is the way they are learning to sit up, crawl and walk.  I originally thought that Gemma was developing … Continue reading Gemma’s Process

G’s Baptism

December 18, 2012, exactly 9 months after her birth G was baptized.  It was a very small affair.  Only our immediate family, Anthony her Godfather, and our cousin with her family were there.  12 people in all. It was perfect, small and private.  We flew to Florida so G could be baptized by Father Oscar … Continue reading G’s Baptism