Notes to G: mango

Dearest Gemma,You ate mango for the first time on Sunday. Actually, this is officially the first thing you ate! The water mellon you had before you just licked but the mango you ate. You had a little piece that I had you gum into a mush before you swallowed it.  It was amazing to watch … Continue reading Notes to G: mango

Notes to P

Dearest P, This is a chalk drawing you did of a duck.  Lately your art work is less wide brush strokes and mashing of paint colors and more of line drawings. You draw very distinct things with stories and events going on for every character you draw.  We’re getting to the point where you dont have … Continue reading Notes to P

Diving Daughter

Few people really believe me when I say my 4 year old can swim.  Fully swim.  Without floaties. In the deep end of the pool.  The one phrase that makes them get what I’m saying, sort of, is when I say “she dives down 8 feet in our pool”. We started her in ISR at … Continue reading Diving Daughter

Sister Drum

A semi-empty can of salt, dried lentils and decorative tape can make an excellent drum for a baby sister named Gemma.  Annika is incredibly thoughtful in the things she makes for Gemma or in always picking up two of everything: “One for me and one for Gemma. She can use it when she grows up”. Continue reading Sister Drum

The Joy of Dave

After back to back jobs, night shoots and working non-stop like a dog for weeks Dave finally took time off.  His presence makes everyone so happy in this house.  I know it’s hard for him. Being at work is often less taxing than being at home with two needy kids. Make that three needy women … Continue reading The Joy of Dave


We signed Annika up for tennis camp this summer.  My goal is for her to learn to play the game at a decent level. She doesn’t have to compete but I do want her to be able to play. I also want her to have fun with the sport which is why I thought camp … Continue reading Tennis

Notes to G

Two days ago, I had you propped on pillows in bed. You were laying back a little and all of a sudden you sat up. Then I could read the expression on your face ” I did it! Now what?” and then you flopped forward!  It cracked me up but I am so impressed with … Continue reading Notes to G