My Diaper Genie

Annika changed her first real diaper this week.  It was a bit surreal watching her do it all by herself.  I was so proud of her!  It’s interesting to see Annika be so nurturing with her sister and her dolls.  I see her mimicking a lot of what I’ve done with her.  It makes me … Continue reading My Diaper Genie

Cool New Mom Gifts

As I’m still fresh in the new mom phase I’m writing down all the cool gifts I received or wish I had received during this time.  This phase has such specific needs that it’s hard to think of useful gifts unless you’re here.  Even if you’ve had kids it’s hard to remember what these first few … Continue reading Cool New Mom Gifts

Great Quote

This week all of my summer plans came crumbling down.  I had Annika’s summer camps planned out until August; a little sports, a little science, a little play. I planned so far in advance because I needed to know when I was getting my breaks. With a newborn and Dave’s crazy work schedule I need … Continue reading Great Quote

Breast Feeding

Thankfully breast feeding is going much better this time around.  With Annika I had mastitis five times in the first month.  My milk dried up and it was utterly painful to nurse her directly.  For a couple weeks we had to give her formula and for several weeks I had to pump until my breast … Continue reading Breast Feeding