40 weeks + 2 days = looking at our options.

3 thoughts on “40 weeks + 2 days = looking at our options.”

  1. Being a MOTHER has nothing to do with “Birthing” a baby! I have had two C-Sections, and I have never ONCE thought negatively on my situation. With Jade (my oldest) I went into labor…but was given other things to help things along. Once they turned me to start to push – Jade's heartbeat went WAY down. They wisked my hubby and I to have the C-Section. The only thing I cared about was getting her out safely! Nothing else mattered to me. Baby number 2 ~ Planned C-Section. I knew what to expect this time! I think our “STRENGTH” should be measured by how fantastic our Children Turn out as Adults, and not by how they “GET OUT” to begin with! 🙂 Much Love to you ~ Amazing Angela!
    From your Zion Pal, Karla


  2. Libby and Karla,
    Thank you so much for your amazing words. I'm feeling much better and it's mostly thanks to the great stories I've heard from some of my mama friends.

    Karla, you are totally right. Birthing is 1% of the process. The other 99% is what has the most impact anyway and requires a truly devoted and loving person. So right!

    Thank you both!


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