40 weeks + 4 days.

I’ve gotten the sweetest, funniest, most amazingly supportive emails and messages from mama friends.  Their words have made me feel much better and given me perspective.  Birthing our children is 1% of the work. The other 99% that has the most effect on how they turn out as people is the most import part of … Continue reading 40 weeks + 4 days.

40 weeks + 1 day

One day past my due date and nothing.  All of my appointments were tentatively scheduled.  Dave was home doing all the things I usually do; making breakfast, taking P to school and ballet, etc.  I decided to take today to be a quiet day for just me and my body.  I took a long walk … Continue reading 40 weeks + 1 day

Smartest thing…

…I’ve done to prepare for the coming of a second child is to freeze lots and lots of food.  In January I started making meals and freezing half.  I made all the things I crave whenever I’m sick or need comfort. There’s chicken soup, Italian wedding soup, broccoli-potato soup, minestrone soup, mac and cheese, meat … Continue reading Smartest thing…

Due Date: 3-13-12

Today is my due date…  With so many people choosing scheduled C-sections and the media’s skewed portrayal of birth, it’s interesting to see/hear people’s reaction to the following dialogue: stranger: wow! when are you due? me: today stranger: today? me: yes stranger: OMG! (as they back away) are you going to deliver right now? me: … Continue reading Due Date: 3-13-12

Being Elmo

This documentary popped up on Netflix recently. I had read about it on Cup of Jo and have been wanting to see it.  We all watched it, including P. She’s rarely interested in  live action so just to get her through it was a big thing.   I really loved this story. I think what I … Continue reading Being Elmo

Santa Monica

Yesterday… in the car… on the way home…sitting stopped in traffic on the ramp headed down to PCH from Ocean Avenue…I turned to talk to P and saw the “Santa Monica” sign lit up and perfectly framing P’s head in the window!  I quickly grabbed the camera and then tried to get into position fast … Continue reading Santa Monica

Valley Mama

I swore I’d never turn into a Valley mom but here I am wearing Uggs and shorts. Just shameful but I’ve had the hardest time getting dressed while pregnant and even more so now in my 39th week. We went to the west side yesterday.  It’s always about 20 degrees cooler over there. I know … Continue reading Valley Mama