Why I bake P’s Birthday Cakes

4 thoughts on “Why I bake P’s Birthday Cakes”

  1. What a sad and wonderful story. P will have such a nice memories of all the effort you make for her birthdays! The cakes look like something you would see in a baking magazine. Well done.


  2. Thanks Jurga! They've been a lot of fun to make….a little stressful at times but a fun challenge. At this point P does take pride in knowing I make her cakes. She tells her friends all the time. We'll see how long that lasts!


  3. I didn't think when I clicked on a b-day cake blog that I'd end up crying… but I did. It's so wonderful to see approval and pride from your parents. Makes me realize how I need to make sure my kids know how proud I am of them.


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