Cover that Bum!

My mom brought me back undies for P from her trip to Colombia!  Every time someone visits from our homeland they ask me what I want.  I always say the same: undies for P!  Why can’t I buy underwear for my kid in the States?   Well, I have an issue with American underwear for girls.  … Continue reading Cover that Bum!

Broken Oven

Last week I made strawberry shortcakes with P.  I got the recipe from Orangette and it recommends keeping the dough frozen until you’re ready to bake.  The day after I made our first batch the oven stopped working.  It’s gas; the stove works but not the oven.  I have to find a repair man quick … Continue reading Broken Oven

Good Smells

We were at swimming class one day when a mom walked in smelling so good I had to ask her what she was wearing.  She couldn’t remember but said it was her lotion not perfume because she never wore any.  She did remember that it was a patchouli and orange smell but she couldn’t remember … Continue reading Good Smells

The Balance Bike

The pictures above are of P learning to ride her balance bike last week.  The small slopes in our front yard were perfect for her to get a feel for coasting.  But you can see she’s not comfortable.  I was so proud of her. She kept doing the slopes over and over again despite clearly … Continue reading The Balance Bike

Beaver House

I’m so far behind in documenting the little, funny, daily occurrences with P. Trying to play catch up. A few weeks ago Dave cleaned off the back patio and P proceeded to take things and make a “beaver house”.  It was entertaining to see the two of them out there spraying  things down and moving … Continue reading Beaver House

I’m Funny

I asked P today what she thought was the best thing about herself.  Well, first I asked her what her best attribute was and she said “spending time with R”(her best friend). So, I explained “that’s your favorite thing to do but I want to know what you think is your best attribute or the … Continue reading I’m Funny