Be Like Me

I recently bought P a My Little Pony doll.  As soon as we got home P cut the pony’s hair.  I asked her why and she said “because the hair was getting in her eyes and she should have it like me”.  I was in awe of her response.  How amazing that she feels dolls … Continue reading Be Like Me

ISR Refresher

P finished her week of ISR refresher today.  It was amazing to watch her go from being petrified of the water to having her confidence back in a 5 day period.  P had two bad experiences this spring. One where she couldn’t reach the edge of the pool and the other she missed the last … Continue reading ISR Refresher


Sushi. The one meal I never have to beg her to eat!  Amazing!  She loooooves raw salmon and yellow tail. In fact, she dislikes California Rolls.  I can’t eat sushi while I’m on my “fertility diet” so we stopped at Whole Foods for her sushi and my salad bar.  Continue reading Sushi

Blueberry Shoes

I got an order from The Mini Social today: 2 Tea dresses and one pair of Cientas shoes.  I ordered these on a whim and now I’m wishing I had ordered more.  I had never heard of this line and I love them!  They’re made in Spain, super soft, sparkle,  eco-friendly and….. ….THEY SMELL LIKE … Continue reading Blueberry Shoes