We took P to see Rio a few weeks ago.  She loved it and was dancing in the theater.  A few days ago we had a conversation: P:  I like Rio music! Me: It’s called Samba. It’s what they play in Brazil. P: I like Samba! It’s in my blood! I want to get some … Continue reading Rio

Ballet Continues

P has been in ballet long enough to outgrow her first tutu and ballet shoes.  She continues to love it.  I like that it’s given her a personal relationship to classical music. Swan Lake was playing on the radio and she recognized it right away.  It’s giving her flexibility and getting her to do controlled … Continue reading Ballet Continues

Mother’s Day 2011

We’ve established a tradition for Mother’s Day.  I get to work in the garden undisturbed the entire day.  Dave takes care of meals and P. It’s such a great gift.  I got so much done today. I’m tired and sore and love it! Every Mother’s Day I take inventory of what I’ve learned about the … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2011

Tuesday Friends

On Tuesdays we get together with these two friends.  Big E is 6mos older than P.  Little E is a year and a half younger.  When the three of them are together people always ask if they’re siblings.  I like this family alot.  Dave has known their dad since they were in photojournalism school together.  … Continue reading Tuesday Friends

Favorite Outfits

Yesterday we were in Pasadena.  That city has such great texture!  The gate, the brick and the bike;  such a great backdrop for a picture!  P was wearing one of my favorite dresses and we bought the hat and shoes that very day at Jumping Jellyfish.   Hat: Sand Cassel Kids Dress: Tea Collection Shoes: Livie … Continue reading Favorite Outfits