Furry Money

Sesame Street just launched a money lesson for children called For Me, For You, For Later. I haven’t gone through the whole thing yet but I love the concept.  My parents were not big earners but they lived well beneath their means.  As a child that translated to hearing a lot of “no” for the … Continue reading Furry Money

My Strong Princess

We were invited to a princess birthday party today.  It was soooo over the top and  I hate to say it but….. amazingly wonderful!  As much as I dislike the whole princess mentality I bought into this event.  Watching these girls in their magical world of dress up and pink with Snow White was quite … Continue reading My Strong Princess

Poquito Mas

I had a mishap in the kitchen last night. I’ve spent a good portion of the day cleaning it but it’s still in disarray.  Because of the mess I decided to stop off at Poquito Mas to have lunch with P after school.  Did you all know they give the kids a little ball of … Continue reading Poquito Mas