Road Tripping

We’ve done two road trips in the past three months.  In January we went to Crested Butte, Colorado, a 20+ hour trip.  And this past weekend we drove to Mammoth, a 6 hour trip.  I have to say I’m quite impressed at how well P did on both trips.   Dave and I were quite stressed … Continue reading Road Tripping

DIY Dollhouse

One day, not too long ago, I left P at school until 2pm.  A family donated a large doll house full of dolls and furniture to her preschool. Staying longer gave her the opportunity to play with the house.  Since that day P began building dollhouses out of books at home.  She stands her books … Continue reading DIY Dollhouse


P has officially passed onto to Dave.  Children follow a natural process of detachment/attachment.  First they are attached to mom, or the primary care giver, then move onto dad and then finally they move onto an outside family member or friend.  The last transition doesn’t happen until the teen years and I expected to have … Continue reading Dumped

In Our Own Backyard

Sometime it takes an out of town guest to appreciate your own city.  I met Oscar 8 years ago on a trip to Beijing.  We’ve been in and out of touch and then thanks to Facebook got more in touch.  Last week he posted he was in San Francisco so I invited him and his … Continue reading In Our Own Backyard