Clooney My Buddy

Her buddy Clooney.  We got Clooney back in January but just recently she has started to really bond with him. Last week, after coming home from school she spent the afternoon playing with him.  That had never happened before.  The poor dog was pooped by the end of the day.  Her favorite thing is to … Continue reading Clooney My Buddy

Little Sayings

The fears continue. It’s back to the drawing board. In the past every sleeping success I’ve had with P has been through transitions. I baby step to get to the desired behavior and I feel I’m starting from scratch again.  I’m frustrated. We went from falling asleep in 10 minutes, without my presence to needing me … Continue reading Little Sayings

Dough Fun

I got a recipe from Jemma of Create Studio.2 cups of water1 cup of salt1 cup of waterP was in heaven with this mixture. She poured and stirred the dough herself. I gave her my bowls, spoons, cookie cutters and rolling pin to use. I think that might have been the best part.  Getting to … Continue reading Dough Fun