I have faith.

My stomach is growing.  It feels sore in the muscles as if I did 1,000 sit ups yesterday.  I feel good.  Well, I feel tired. Exhausted actually but I know that is a good sign so I’m very happy to feel this way.   I feel more confident each day.  One way I keep myself moving … Continue reading I have faith.

When all else fails…

We’ve been having some pretty rough weeks with P lately.  I’ve become aware of these changes that she gets when I believe her brain is going through major development.  A mental growth spurt really.  She gets very antsy, unfocused, doesn’t listen (dramatically more so than usual), defiant and cranky.  She also becomes more interested than … Continue reading When all else fails…

It’s a Dino-world!

This weekend we went to our friend E’s 3rd birthday party.  It seems like yesterday that he turned one.  I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when we celebrate his 18th!The party theme was dinosaurs. E loves them.  I always run into a problem when buying kid birthday presents…or any presents for that matter.  I … Continue reading It’s a Dino-world!

Soccer n Sprinklers

P wanted to play soccer. She’s been watching her friend K play on a team. I know she’s inspired and well-influenced. We went over to our local college fields one late afternoon. We kicked the ball back and forth and kept it away from one another….. Then she played with the nets, which is really … Continue reading Soccer n Sprinklers

Tick bites

On Wednesday we joined our neighborhood gang at Sycamore Canyon for dinner.  We were suppose to camp out with them but I’ve been exhausted lately.  D was on a three day shoot, I dealt with the cable guy all morning and I just didn’t have it in me to rent a tent, etc.  We….I haven’t … Continue reading Tick bites

Tennis Friends

I was a late comer to Facebook.  I figured I was already in contact with the people I still wanted as friends.  I didn’t want to go back to certain periods of my life.  Then one day as I was walking past the baseball field at Pierce College I yearned for my athlete friends from … Continue reading Tennis Friends


P had a fever over the weekend. It’s the first time she has had a fever of 104 and been lethargic. Usually it’s mild fever but her behavior remains the same.  It started on Saturday morning and lasted until Monday night. We kept it at bay with Tylenol, rarely used in our home. It was really … Continue reading Fever

It Worked!

I got my lesson planned. I had all the websites ready to explain to P why the sun went to bed so late in the summer. As I tried to breakdown how to explain all this science to a 2.5 year old I realized that I needed to start with the basic concept like day … Continue reading It Worked!