Too Much Praise?

Part of our pre-school transition program includes parenting discussions.  We reached a topic that I’m having a real hard time with: giving children too much praise.  We all read an article called “Five Reasons to Stop Saying”Good Job!” ” by Alfie Kohn. I understand the concept behind the theory but I’ve been having a hard … Continue reading Too Much Praise?

Strike a Pose

So, I obviously take a lot of pictures of P.  She is no stranger to being in front of the camera or to the concept of seeing “play  back”.  However, it still caught me off guard when she began telling us to take her picture….AND striking a pose AND directing the desired camera angle. Case … Continue reading Strike a Pose

An Ah-ha Moment?

I had an epiphany this afternoon.  I got an email from my mom saying how sorry she was about the miscarriage. I don’t know how I jumped to this train of thought but I realized I get very nervous and stressed when I’m pregnant.  I’m worried that one of two scenarios may happen: 1.I have … Continue reading An Ah-ha Moment?

Another One Down

I had another miscarriage last Thursday.  I’m trying to stay on the positive side…  I read most miscarriages that happen so early are due to chromosomal abnormalities. I would rather lose one early than to have to terminate one 6 months down the line again.  However, I can’t help but feel frustrated and sad.  I … Continue reading Another One Down

Basic Dress

I made this very basic dress for P today.  I think it’ll fit her for a month….if I don’t dry it after washing.  It’s the very first dress I’ve ever made.  I got the fabric at a Crate & Barrel outlet in Florida when we visited my parents last year.  It was maybe 25 cents … Continue reading Basic Dress

Back to Basics

I’m trying to get back to doing some of the things I use to do with P.  One of them is visiting the turtle pond and botanical garden at our neighborhood college.  P loves them both.  How we spend our time there has changed greatly.  She use to spend hours there just playing with rocks … Continue reading Back to Basics